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Conscious Entertainment

Funny Bone Logic – DVD
Featuring Giggly Sprout & Gumbo Wobbly

Funny Bone Logic is a captivating spark of entertainment that ignites the kid in all of us – fabulous healthy entertainment for the whole family.

Join Giggly Sprout and Gumbo Wobbly as they take you on an interactive family adventure, using research from leading authorities in the fields of brain science and psychology. The two creative (human) characters give the DVD a warm, organic feeling that is refreshing in a world of fast-moving, finely-polished, computer-animated characters. Patch Adams, MD loves the video and states, "Funny Bone Logic Weaves a Magic That Begs Taking Part." Funny Bone Logic is an interactive DVD with games for developing minds ages 3-8 and bringing families together as a whole. Endorsed by The Coalition for Quality Children's Media, Funny Bone Logic is a colorful addition to the growing market of conscious, independent media for children. Accompanying the DVD release is an online resource of cutting-edge information for parents and teachers. The DVD is currently available online at

When ordering please send a note to the clowns, and in the text box type the code "ECOFAMILY" - this effort helps support EFN ... Thank you!

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